Hey Everyone-

Well, nothing other than to report other than progress here at Green Boys home base! We were recently interviewed by Suggested Serving, “The best [blog] in Richmond”. You can read it here . We’ll be playing a few places in RVA over the next few months so be sure to come and hang out for an evening if you can. We miss seeing friends and familiar faces after stints of traveling.  Here is our updated tour schedule as of right now, today, this minute:

10.26.12     William & Mary Alumni Party

10.28.12     Legends Brewery

11.9.12       On the Rox-TBA

11.12.12     Live on the air with UofR Radio!

11.16.12    Speakeasy, RVA

11.18.12     Mint, RVA

11.21.12     W/ Jackass Flats! @ The Camel, RVA

11.29.12     Radio Rubber Room, Live on the air!

12.1.12       Stewart’s Opera House, WV-TBA

12.9.12      Tobacco Company, RVA

12.21.12    Baliceaux

12.31.12    The Camel, New Years Eve Party!

1.18.13        Kristina’s Cafe, Straussburg VA

2.8.13         Purple Fiddle, WV

2.23.13       Annual Glenn Allen Bluegrass Jam

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