Snow in front of our house….

…thats right, snow! Finally the worth of winter has come for at least a day or two. Winter is just too plain without a nice fire in the snow here and there.

We have made a lot of progress in the past two months on the new album. Still no name for it yet, however. This has proven to be a difficult task. There are many words in the world that can accurately or inaccurately describe the exact concept, thematic ties, etc. of this hard work and we don’t want to misrepresent it, ya know?? There will be 13-14 brand new, original tracks and we can not wait to release them to you! There is also talk about pressing our very first vinyl…but more about that to come later. For now, its producing, mixing, mastering, packaging and releasing! As well as touring.

We plan to hit the southwest for a four day run in the middle of March (dates and locations being decided), and back on the road for some long distance trips come summer. Yes ladies and gents, it will be a grand summer. Not to mention that the Green Boys will be playing at Floyd Fest 2013!! We will be singing on Jon Lohman’s Front Porch stage on Thursday, July 25th so come early to get a good camping spot and to catch our set!

Lastly, we will be playing on Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 February 28th! Wake up and be entertained before you go to work (or be late); we will be on air from 9:00am-10:00am and play a couple songs along with a short interview. As always, thank you for the continual support and hope to see you all sooner than later! Here’s some upcoming shows if you’re around any of these areas:

2.8.13         Purple Fiddle, WV

2.9.12         Davis, WV

2.14.13       Medical College of Virginia Alumni Reunion

2.15.13       Ashland Coffee & Tea, VA

2.23.13      Annual Glenn Allen Bluegrass Jam

2.28.13      Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 News!

3.1.13        The Standard – Standardsville,VA

3.3.13       The Hampton Taphouse, Hampton VA

3.15.13     Cary St. Cafe, Richmond, VA

3.16.13     Norfolk Taproom, Norfolk VA

3.21.13      Medical College of Virginia Alumni Reunion

3.27.13     The Republic, VA

4.26.13     The Whiskey Jar, Charlottesville VA

Cheers! -The GBs