Its been a while folks! We are very eager to deliver an apology for the absence of postings here in our news. We have been extremely busy, yet, that is no excuse for keeping in touch with YOU. Our tour was more than wonderful, we saw everything a band could want (and not want) to see and experience (and not experience, such as a busted alternator, running out of money, and two flat tires). We are super happy to announce that we placed 3rd at the annual Telluride Bluegrass band competition! We were up against some serious folks who were very talented in today’s sound of original roots music. We feel that we held it down, played our best, and were given nothing but the best treatment from all the wonderful people in that town that weekend. It was tough to leave! But, we are back home safe and sound now and glad for it. And since, we recently got the opportunity of a lifetime to open for one of our biggest heroes-Emmylou Harris, right here in our hometown Richmond! Good golly, it was incredible. She looked and sounded as beautiful as ever…


We have a new website up and coming. Created by life mate Evan VanDyke. Hopefully the new site will help us to deliver quick and efficient news to those of you who still read this text stuff via interwebs without the hassle of hackers and spammers. I do enjoy writing it as long as you enjoy reading it.

At the end of our one month tour (June), we hit Rock Island Illinois to record a Daytrotter session (www.daytrotter.com)! This is great stuff. Basically, a handful of super music enthusiasts have in the past ten years created a music database consisting of local and nationally known bands who swing by their studio on tour, record, get outta there, and then release it on their website. You get the full mood and essence of what the band’s material was that day. Even better it is original, previously unheard of and unrecorded material from that band. We threw down four tracks which are so: Two Oak Trees, 1000 Miles, Babe Dont Listen, and Dear John. They also provide and promote a wonderfully lighthearted and comical  illustration of the band. This is more than an efficient business model for listening to and promoting new original music. Please join and listen!! Its for the cause of our very existence these days in this tough bizz.

We play at the Broadberry in Richmond VA tomorrow night (August 1rst). 9pm sharp. Our debut show there. Would love to see all the beautiful faces of our friends, fans and family.


Peace yall!


the GBs

Spring is near…

Hey friends! We are excited to announce that in the first weekend of March we will be making our way out to Rock Island, Illinois to record a Daytrotter session! This is big new for us little boys…if you re unfamiliar with Daytrotter you should check them out here www.daytrotter.com. In other news, our one month tour in June is nearly completely booked. We will be traveling and playing in all states en route to Telluride, CO, where we will compete in the Telluride Bluegrass festival band competition. They accept “kinda” bluegrass bands like us. Next, we will spend a week in CO touring around our favorite towns and crashing favorite friends’ couches. On our way back, we intend to say Hello to new faces in Kansas and Kentucky, then back home. 28 days total of pickin tunes! We will start this tour starting in RVA, of course, on June 5th, at an undecided venue. More to come soon, and thank you all for continual support. Pray for more snow! Love the GBs

Ashland Coffee & Tea, Round 3!

Howdy Everyone!

Been a while since we’ve gotten a new post up here and we apologize for that. Busy boys we are these days but ya can’t neglect your home base website! We’ve been resting our batteries this month (kinda) and working on some new material (definitely) and will be presenting some of it to you this Friday, October 25th, at Ashland Coffee and Tea. This is our third trip to this sweet little and well known listening room. Many famous acts and artists have walked upon the stage. So, we hope to make this our biggest and best trip to AC&T yet! Please help us do that, as it is one of our favorite venues to play in all history of history and venues…

We will be back on the road in December for a week long winter run. Coming back to all you folks in Spartanburg, Asheville, Knoxville, Johnson City, and Durham. Keep an eye out for us and come say hi if you’re in the area!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of us with ol’ Del himself at Watermelon Park Festival! What a nice guy he was and his voice only gets better with his age. (hair too)

Take care and see you soon!


Thank you Floyd Fest!

We had a blast playing the Virginia Folklife Front Porch stage for everyone and later a surprising second set at the Vaudeville stage on Sunday! It was great to meet new friends and fans and to see all the support that was shown to us by how many showed up on Thursday for our opening set. We love you guys and can’t wait to see you at Watermelon Park Festival in September!

We will be doing another winter-week tour starting December 16th and hitting Asheville, Spartanburg, Knoxville, Johnson City, Charlotte, and a few others so we’ll be posting those dates soon.

As always, love GBs


…for an amazing blow-out CD release show last Friday yall! We couldn’t have asked for a more enthusiastic, loving and energetic crowd, honestly. It was one of our best shows to date and it was all because of our fans. THANK YOU

So, t-minus two weeks til our first consecutive-date-tour, er whatevs grammatically. We can’t believe it has taken this long to get here but what can we say? We’re all busy nine-to-fivers and have rarely had the chance to even sit down and plan our own weekly schedules out. The van is gonna be mighty full of trash, computers, magazines, and no doubt the occasional couch surfer hitching a ride to the next town. But thats the jig folks. Heres some dates if you’re around any of these areas during our run or if you just wanna come hang out and crash the van as well!

6.7.13       Cristina’s Cafe, Strassberg VA

6.8.13       Hop Blossom Craft Beer Festival, Winchester VA

6.12.13    Live on WNRN, Charlottesville, 9am!

6.12.13     The Heritage on Main, Waynesboro

6.13.13     Fardowners, Crozet VA

6.15.13     Broad Street Cafe, Durham NC

6.16.13     Full Steam Brewery, Durham NC

6.17.13  Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington NC

6.18.13     Jack of the Wood, Asheville NC

6.19.13     Little River Roasting Coffee, Spartanburg SC

6.20.13    The Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN

6.21.13     The Blue Plate Special at station WDVX, Knoxville TN

6.21.13      Jig and Reel, Knoxville TN

6.22.13     Hampton Taphouse, Hampton VA

6.28.13      The Camel w/ Elby Brass, RVA

Its a short leg, we know. But then, on to Floyd Fest and shortly thereafter Watermelon Park Festival! Woo! Peace and love and all that nanny jazz.

Love, GBs

The Green Boys present ‘Oh Delia’


We The Green Boys finally give to our fans, friends and family ‘Oh Delia‘. Our second release but first full-length album. Whew! We really can not tell you how thankful we are to everyone who has helped make this album possible and who has been so supportive throughout its making. We are very proud of the new album and can not wait to release it on MAY 17th at The Camel! There are twelve tracks on the album and all perfectly timed for the coming summer. We will be taking a short tour in June to spread some love around and to share the new album with as many new faces and ears as possible. Here are the dates so far:

5.10.13     James River Cellars, Ashland VA

5.11.13      Moose Meadows Bluegrass Festival, Ashland VA

5.17.13      CD RELEASE PARTY @ The Camel, RVA!

6.7.13       Cristina’s Cafe, Strassberg VA

6.8.13       Hop Blossom Craft Beer Festival, Winchester VA

6.12.13     The Heritage on Main, Waynesboro

6.13.13     Fardowners, Crozet VA

6.15.13     Broad Street Cafe, Durham NC

6.16.13     Full Steam Brewery, Durham NC

6.17.13  Juggling Gypsy, Wilmington NC

6.18.13     Jack of the Wood, Asheville NC

6.19.13     Little River Roasting Coffee, Spartanburg SC

6.20.13    The Acoustic Coffeehouse, Johnson City, TN

6.21.13     The Blue Plate Special at station WDVX, Knoxville TN

6.21.13      Jig and Reel, Knoxville TN

6.22.13     Hampton Taphouse, Hampton VA

6.28.13      The Camel w/ Elby Brass, RVA

We hope to see you at the release show and everywhere else we possibly can!

Love, the GBs


Snow in front of our house….

…thats right, snow! Finally the worth of winter has come for at least a day or two. Winter is just too plain without a nice fire in the snow here and there.

We have made a lot of progress in the past two months on the new album. Still no name for it yet, however. This has proven to be a difficult task. There are many words in the world that can accurately or inaccurately describe the exact concept, thematic ties, etc. of this hard work and we don’t want to misrepresent it, ya know?? There will be 13-14 brand new, original tracks and we can not wait to release them to you! There is also talk about pressing our very first vinyl…but more about that to come later. For now, its producing, mixing, mastering, packaging and releasing! As well as touring.

We plan to hit the southwest for a four day run in the middle of March (dates and locations being decided), and back on the road for some long distance trips come summer. Yes ladies and gents, it will be a grand summer. Not to mention that the Green Boys will be playing at Floyd Fest 2013!! We will be singing on Jon Lohman’s Front Porch stage on Thursday, July 25th so come early to get a good camping spot and to catch our set!

Lastly, we will be playing on Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 February 28th! Wake up and be entertained before you go to work (or be late); we will be on air from 9:00am-10:00am and play a couple songs along with a short interview. As always, thank you for the continual support and hope to see you all sooner than later! Here’s some upcoming shows if you’re around any of these areas:

2.8.13         Purple Fiddle, WV

2.9.12         Davis, WV

2.14.13       Medical College of Virginia Alumni Reunion

2.15.13       Ashland Coffee & Tea, VA

2.23.13      Annual Glenn Allen Bluegrass Jam

2.28.13      Virginia This Morning on CBS 6 News!

3.1.13        The Standard – Standardsville,VA

3.3.13       The Hampton Taphouse, Hampton VA

3.15.13     Cary St. Cafe, Richmond, VA

3.16.13     Norfolk Taproom, Norfolk VA

3.21.13      Medical College of Virginia Alumni Reunion

3.27.13     The Republic, VA

4.26.13     The Whiskey Jar, Charlottesville VA

Cheers! -The GBs


Hey Everyone-

Well, nothing other than to report other than progress here at Green Boys home base! We were recently interviewed by Suggested Serving, “The best [blog] in Richmond”. You can read it here. We’ll be playing a few places in RVA over the next few months so be sure to come and hang out for an evening if you can. We miss seeing friends and familiar faces after stints of traveling.  Here is our updated tour schedule as of right now, today, this minute:

10.26.12     William & Mary Alumni Party

10.28.12     Legends Brewery

11.9.12       On the Rox-TBA

11.12.12     Live on the air with UofR Radio!

11.16.12    Speakeasy, RVA

11.18.12     Mint, RVA

11.21.12     W/ Jackass Flats! @ The Camel, RVA

11.29.12     Radio Rubber Room, Live on the air!

12.1.12       Stewart’s Opera House, WV-TBA

12.9.12      Tobacco Company, RVA

12.21.12    Baliceaux

12.31.12    The Camel, New Years Eve Party!

1.18.13        Kristina’s Cafe, Straussburg VA

2.8.13         Purple Fiddle, WV

2.23.13       Annual Glenn Allen Bluegrass Jam

Watermelon Park Festival-1rst place in competition!

We are extremely thrilled to announce to friends and fans that this past weekend at Watermelon Park Festival we took first place in the band competition! This was a huge shock and completely unpredicted by us. We played “Its Easy” and Ryan Green’s new original (untitled, but thus far called “Baby”[hear it on our facebook wall here]). So far so good! We are hoping this will really shine new light on the hard work and progress we have been making since we began playing together in 2007. We really can not say thank you enough to all of our supporting and loving friends, fans and family that have continuously stuck by our sides through the past four years. So, again, THANK YOU.


Love, GBs

West VA with our good buddies, The Hot Seats

Howdy y’all

We’re back at the band house and stretching our arms after playing an awesome weekend in Brooklyn and Newburgh, NY. The new van is purring like a kitten up and down the east coast and so far so good. Much thanks to our friends The Peeps and all their fans who were so enthusiastic about hearing our music. We really had a blast, didn’t get to see enough, and can’t wait to come back next year.

But no extended relaxation for us boys! This Friday (9/7) we’re on our way to Straussburg, VA to play Christina’s Cafe with our good buddies The Hot Seats! We can’t emphasize enough what a funky night this is bound to be. $9 (one buck per musician) will get you in the door, in a seat, and maybe into late-night madness.

The very next evening, we’re packing up the van and headed to  Thomas, WV for our second performance at The Purple Fiddle! This venue truly is the perfect cap to a perfect week of playing. We don’t know where they come from given the Fiddle’s loacation, but at about 8pm, tons of people smash into this place hungry for some rocking tunes. Luckily we have been practicing some new ones and will be able to supply ears of all shapes and sizes.

We hope to see friends and new fans on the road! Much love, -GBs